Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Painting Fun....

So our new teacher, Craig... started us out with a bang. He gave us a great demo in the middle of town (even one of the stray cats wanted to get into it!!) He's been quite helpful to me because his experience with watercolor is pretty extensive.

Some of the students took the advice he have to extremes, when he told us to close one eye in order to see shapes more clearly, one of the students (Shawn) decided to become a pirate. Later he confessed it didn't help as much as just closing one eye, and it gave him a headache!

One of the difficulties of painting on location, is dealing with the elements. One day in particular was so windy, everyone's easels kept blowing over. Sola came up with a simple solution of painting closer to the ground, however, poor Robert wasn't so lucky! With one hand on his palate and brush, the other one steadying his easel...he had a little trouble keeping his pants on!! Perhaps next time he'll remember to wear a belt! (Love ya Robert!!)
I also got to have a turn as an instructor with my teacher's son, Isaac. We had a little watercolor lesson in the Piazza... and he learned the "wet in wet" technique and created a beautiful painting... Great job Isaac!!

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