Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day Trip to Cortona

So on Saturday morning, we left for another day trip to the city of Cortona. This was yet, another beautiful city... with great vistas and (my favorite thing) good shopping!!

We started at the top of the city, and hiked our way down to the main square. From there, I spent a lazy afternoon resting in the park. It was quite lovely in the shade and a slight breeze to relieve us all from the extreme heat we had been feeling. Not to mention, I needed a bit of recovery time from our rockin' birthday celebration the night before. What better way to recover than lounging on a park bench in Tuscany? (This is also where they filmed "Under the Tuscan Sun"

After a nice nap and some well deserved shopping, we had an amazing dinner at restaurant our new teacher picked out. I had probably the best Gnocchi of my life... made with ricotta cheese and spinach, it melted in my mouth.

My instructor says we will be returning to Cortona to paint, and hopefully see Carmen at the end of the month!! How great would that be?

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