Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini

After having such an amazing and memorable week with my honey... it was time for some fun and chilling after I saw him off at the train station in Perugia... it was time to look at some cool cars!

Italy is home to some of the most exotic and saught after "super cars" in the world. A group of us decided to travel quite a ways north to visit the Ferrari Museum and the Lamborghini Museum & Factory.

We first happened up the Lamborghini Factory... what a sight! We were able to go on the Factory tour with a guide, and what we saw was amazing. Custom designed, hand sewn apolstry, carbon fiber, gorgeous cars. My jaw dropped in amazment at not only the craftsmanship of every detail these cars go through... but the racks and racks of gorgeous leathers used to furnish the inside of these cars. Breathtaking!

We also visited the Lamborghini mueseum, and after the thourough tour we were given, I could appreciate these cars so much more. Truly Beautiful Machines.

We were also fortunte enough to witness the new and rare Reventon. These cars are worth 1 million euro (that's around 1.5 million dollars) and they are a limited edition...only TWENTY were made!! One happens to be owned by Nicholas Cage...lucky guy! This machine was truly a work of art... Not many folks are so lucky to see this car in action...but we were.

After the morning at Lamborghini... it was off to the Ferrari Museum! This place was chuck full of amazingly cool race cars dating from the mid 1940's until the present day. The vintage beauties were a sight to see, along with their modern counterparts. Pretty cool stuff.

Unfortunatly, there was no factory or production to be seen at Ferrari, nor any guided tours. So Lamborghini wins in my boat.

We ended the day in Florence! With the intention of having dinner, but all of us were so tired... we took a good look at the Duomo again, did a little shopping, grabbed a slice and headed back to little old Corciano.

Part of the fun of the day, was the car ride! We had a really good group of folks, including Jason's 2 oldest kids, Ben & Isaac. We just laughed, sang, and enjoyed a good fashioned old road trip. A good way to take away the blues of saying goodbye to my boyfriend... er... I mean my FIANCE... Dave. ;-)

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