Saturday, July 26, 2008

Amore a Venezia!

This past weekend we made our second of three big trips to Venice... It was here that my honey met up with me. We had a bit of a snaffu trying to meet when I arrived, but we eventually found each other...
Jason(the director of the program and one of my teacher's)hooked Dave and I up with a super sweet room!! Plush red fabric, chandelier, and beautiful chiffon curtains... definately a room for a princess and her suitor ;-) !!

The first day rained, but it was still great. We started out by visiting the large Piazza, St. Marks. It was stunning! The Duomo was breathtaking... the best yet since Assisi. No pictures were allowed inside, but I have photos in my mind... the amazing mosaics, statues, and treasures will be with me forever.

We spent the majority of the morning at The Doge's Palace. Another collection of fabulous art and architecture. Each room was more fantastic than the last...from the floors to the ceiling... I'm amazed that at one time somebody actually lived there!

One of my favorite exhibits was of the armor! I snuck a few photos... and it was worth it. Not only was the knight gear pretty amazing... but they actually had horse armor! Unreal... Dave really enjoyed the prison...which was also pretty cool.

Luckily, in the afternoon the sun decided to come out. Dave and I took this opportunity to just wander.

We were in love with all of the intricate canals, bridges, and architecture. During our travels, we stumbled upon a local winery... and it was a perfect opportunity for a glass of vino. The samples were delicious... still kicking myself for not buying a bottle or two... I guess we'll just have to go back!!

We spent the rest of the evening wandering, had a great dinner at a sort of "out of the way" ristorante...where I had a great eggplant lasagna and even better chocolate cake!

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Marianna said...

venezia is beautiful !