Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blues in Corciano

On Wednesday, Corciano hosted the Transmeno Blues concert, featuring Ana Popovic...a rockin' blues performer.

A bunch of us gathered on the steps of the Piazza for the concert, and it was amazing. The entire square was packed with people, and the poor folks in the Gelatoria had a hard time keeping up with all the drink requests! But they managed... and probably made enough money to last them all year...!

The concert was incredible. I was totally impressed with Ana and her band. Being from Chicago, I'm pretty particular about my blues performers, and these guys left me more than satisfied. At one point, each artist had a solo, and blew the entire audience away. Not one was better than the other.... Incredible.

I also got to meet Ana after the concert, pick up a CD, and get it autographed. Pretty great night...

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