Sunday, July 13, 2008

Allison's Birthday & Potluck Party!!!

This Friday was my roomie's 25th birthday! A milestone...!! Sola and I tried to make it as special as possible. Ms. Sola made a great sign for her to wake up to, and we made her breakfast in bed. She was so suprised!

The afternoon we had a great lunch at il Convento... still one of the best restaurants I've experienced here in italy, and it's so great it's right here in Corciano.

In the evening, there was already a potluck dinner planned to welcome our new instructor...and MORE great food was had! We also had a great time snapping lots of fun pic's... all of the students are really a great group.

After the potluck, the birthday girl's celebration contintued throughout the evening, with drinks at the local bar and an invitation to another club outside of Corciano.

The club was really cool, with tables by the lake, and candles lighting paths around the bar. Unfortunatley, I got no pictures of it... but perhaps in some ways that was for the best..seeing as we didn't arrive back in Corciano until 4:30 AM!

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