Sunday, June 29, 2008


On Saturday night...the group ventured for an optional trip to the city of Orvieto.
This was another sweet villiage, with a Duomo Mosaic to die for! The entire front of the town's main church is a masterpeice of mosiac artwork. The entire place glistened in the sunlight(folks must have thought angels lived at the top. There was also some interesting brickwork involved, the entire building looked like something from Tim Burton movie, covered in horizontal stripes....

We also got to venture into more Etruscan structures, this included another well type device, and also their pigeon farms. Apparently, wealthy citizens and clergy would own large pigeon farms, used mostly for food (not messages). Deep within the earth the Etruscans would well for oil and water... a very advanced civilization for it's time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing my favorite activity...SHOPPING and the DINING... I finally had a REAL italian pizza... OMG! It was nothing short of amazing... fresh fresh fresh dough, tomatoes, basil... melted in my mouth...!

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