Friday, June 27, 2008

Making Friends

One of the best "italian experiences" I've had so far was making a friend in this small village, Casa Vieto, we painted in this week.

An adorable italian woman (I think her name was Genevieve?) Came out to look at our paintings... throughout the day she took care of us. Though there was a huge language barrier, we managed to communicate. She offered us coffee, water, and opened her home to us to use the bathroom. During our critique, she brought the entire class a pot of coffee, and though the temperature was close to 100 degrees, we took it happily. Never turn down italian coffee!!

I've also managed to make tons of "animal" friends while I've been here. The dogs and cats are plentiful in Corciano and elsewhere, and due to the laid back lifestyle... they all seem so content. Some of them wander off-leash, and the"alley" cats are very friendly. The italians seem to really love thier pets.

We also made a painting buddy in Casa Vieto, I didn't learn his name, but he decided to hang out with us while we painted until his owner came around the bend. There was also the most adorable boxer hanging out over the edge of the wall. I wanted to scale it and take him home!!!

While painting on Thursday here in Corciano, I made another friend...a wee kitten who jumped out of his/her window! She came right up to me, and layed at my feet while I painted. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the week....

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mactek360 said...

Looks like so much fun. Tell Allison we said "hi"