Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Pad

The place that I'm staying at is amazing.... Molto Bello! I have my own room which overlooks the mountains and olive groves. We have a nice kitchen with all the fixin's (except a toaster and microwave... I actually have to COOK!) The living room has a TV with CD & DVD player... not that we ever use it... AND a balcony that overlooks the hill with the old Monestary at the top (folks are staying there, too)
We have no internet or phone at our place, but it actually makes it a nice retreat. I just come down the main villa to get online (and use the pool!!)
We live above a super sweet Italian family, and their Gato, Silver... who like to
One of my favorite things about my place are the SOUNDS... We live next to a school, chill on our I hear children laughing and playing all day. I can also hear the birds chirping, the donkey's baying (there are animals at the monestary), the clock chimes every hour.

My roommies are super great. One is my friend Sola from back at the Academy, and the other is a new friend, Alison, a photography student. We are all in Graduate school and enjoy Vino, makes for a good combination....!

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