Friday, June 27, 2008

Second Week of Painting....

I had my second week of painting this week, and it started out rough. Landscape and Cityscape painting is much harder than I had ever anticipated...but even in one week I've made lots of progress and discovered new things about plein air and watercolor.

We traveled to many great places to paint this week. First we went to a town a little bigger than Corciano, called Todi. It was another adorable hilltop village with great shops, beautiful vistas, and very friendly people. I've found it very interesting that while painting, the italians and other europeans have no real sense of personal space. They all come up to you and talk to you (usually in a different language). At first it was a little disconcerting, but I've come to appreciate it and enjoy trying to speak italian.

I also had some creative breakthroughs this week concerning watercolor. The Teacher's Assistant who is attending several of the classes is a proficient watercolorist and has been giving me a lot of tips. His advice combined with the more general landscape and cityscape hints, have helped my work grow even within the week.

So much more painting and growing to do....

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