Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Week in Italia!

Ciao Americanos!!

Well I've only been in Italy for less than a week, and I feel like I've been here a month! It's so beautiful, and the people in Corciano are really nice... (most of them don't speak English, so I need to study my Italian... PRONTO!)

Corciano itself is gorgeous, I feel like I'm in a fairy tale or a Shakespearean play as I walk the medieval streets. It's a small hilltop village, so everything is clean and's hot, but the air is fresh and wonderful. There is a great gelato/coffee place, L'arte Del Gelato at the piazza that serves the best of both. My favorite so far has been the honey dew melon (melone) combined with strawberry(fragole) though the tirimsu is nothing to scoff at! Their Latte's are indeed the best I've had yet...

Speaking of eating... the food is outstanding! My first day in Corciano the class went to lunch at this wonderful restaurant that used to be a Convent. I split the ravioli with my roommate & friend Sola....Molto Buono!! Also... in Italy nobody orders wine by the glass... it's always by the bottle. The Italians know how to dine....

We painted for 2 days... and we've all discovered that landscape painting is HARD!! The group that is here are all very talented, and with that perfectionists. Nobody seems happy with their work so far, but it's just the beginning. The teachers are all very knowledgable, and I'm excited to absorb what they have to teach me.
I miss my dog, and stores being open more than 1/2 day... but it's nice to be forced to relax. Americans work WAY to hard.... Now, for some CAFFE!


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