Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Days in Corciano-FRIDAY, August 1st

Our last days in Corciano were bittersweet and fleeting. Much like the summer, it was highly scheduled... but also fun!

Our first free day, we spent doing a lengthy critique on our final project. Everyone's studio paintings turned out amazing...and it was obvious to me how much the group had grown as artists. I did a painting of the etruscan caves in Perugia, and I added an element of narrative illustration by putting a small princess in the corner. I was pretty happy with it.

We also spent the morning doing a photo shoot of the group for 'archival' purposes... but the girls and I had our our shoot!! Meet the NEW "Angeli Italiani"!!

That evening we had yet ANOTHER potluck! But this one was in the Piazza and also served as an art show for us, and a farewell party. Being painfully sentimental, I didn't put any of my paintings up for sale (especially since I want to use a lot of them as studies for bigger pieces in the future), but many folks did. AND... both Robert and Theo managed to sell some! So great...!! Jeff spent the evening doing portraits, mine included... I think he may DEFINATELY have a future as an illustrator and perhaps portrait artist...I'm sure you all agree!

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